5 Best Practices of Global Brand Management

Managing brands in the long run requires some practices suggested by management consulting, which if followed ought to give best results. Corporate strategy must be a supple and adapt to circumstances. Technology must be made use of whenever possible and business analytics one such perfect example. A key mentor must exist in each firm to focus on consistency in identity and product advertising. Organizational configurations must be affiliated in a way that ensures minimum overlap and that all functions of the firm are designed in a way the brand can best take advantage of. Also it is extremely crucial to be proactive and use social media, CRM, trend analysis, crowd sourcing of knowledge and co-creation.

Business Leaders Step into Technology while Technologists Step into Leadership Roles

As per business research conducted, technology and corporate strategy are swapping positions in organizations. Smart phones, big data and cloud computing are disrupting traditional business models especially at the C- Suite. CEOs, CFOs, and COOs are increasingly being required to use business analytics involving understanding of technology to make major decisions. They are now consulting CTOs for corporate planning. CTOs meanwhile are integrating management plans within IT which is now the main service provider. IT managers have inculcated greater innovation as well within the peer group.

Exponential Organizations are the Future of Global Business and Innovation

Not that long ago, corporate giants with vertical integration were considered most successful and sources of innovation. Now, as per business consulting provided in a new book, exponential organizations are doing much better using the concept of scalability. These firms work on concept of abundance of resources as costs of sophisticated processes is now a fraction of figures not that long back. Hyatt is an example of organization with a corporate strategy that seeks to develop new hotels at different locations involving upgrading entire system. But AirBnB on the other hand does not own resources, yet has scaled up in a short span of time leveraging existing real estate. Similarly, Uber has taken advantage of crowd-funding and business analytics to reduce cost and gain new users.

6 Marketing Tips for new Companies from Successful CEOs

Successful firms depend critically on CEOs’ competence and corporate strategy. Some CEOs have suggested marketing ideas which startups must integrate into their planning. One must stick and cater to the core audience of the product / service. One must thoroughly understand the product and its abiding mission. Talent management by nurturing group is paramount to success. Price decision must be taken keeping holistic viewpoint. Complaints and feedback must be honoured positively and needless self-defence ends up blowing on itself. Else whatever happens, quality of serving must never suffer.

 World Tourism, Frank Lloyd Wright Sites, Cancun Time, Brooklyn Garden

As per market research conducted by the UNWTO, tourist numbers have increased by nearly five percent in 2014 over previous year. A large percentage of those visitors came from China while the rest of Asia and the Pacific is also contributing heavily now. This has led to growth of travel jobs especially in the USA where ten buildings designed by famous architect- Frank Lloyd Wright- have been nominated for inclusion to the World Heritage Site category. In spite of the Ebola outbreak, Africa too has seen a growth in inbound tourism. 

12 Things Truly Confident People do Differently

Business research has thrown up a few characteristics which define confident people. They seek internal happiness. Judging others is not their cup of tea. The only confirm when they are sure. They also respect others and listen to them. They speak with assertion. Small victories keep them going. Physical fitness and exercise is a crucial part of their daily routines. However, attention seeking is not a part. They take risks. Celebrations are a group event for them. For troubleshooting they do not hesitate to seek help from business consulting. Fear does not restrict their decision making.

Qantas Observes Decline in Australia Tourism

Australia national airline carrier Qantas has concluded post business research that number of travelers has reduced. Number of factors contribute to this trend, such as the growth of cheaper alternatives and increased number of foreign players. Qantas’s attempts at increasing travel jobs has not worked as per forecast. Outbound travel however, has increased substantially leading to outsourcing of operations and transfer of funds. Thus bilateral agreements are being proposed by Qantas rather than increasing international travel.

Top 100+ Free Social Media Marketing Tools Announced

Management consulting has come up with list of more than hundred free marketing tools on social media. They have been suggested for the most critical of functions such as social listening, business research, content creation, user engagement, business analytics, URL tracking and digital marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. These tools provide a suite of solutions. Klout has been recommended for research and sharing useful content. Agora Pulse tracks brand engagement and CRM on Facebook.

Wellness Tourism Explodes into $500 billion Industry

Well ness tourism as a category within tourism is expanding at a fast pace. The industry as a whole is now globally worth almost half a trillion US dollars. This has led to the rise of numerous tourism jobs associated with wellness. Market research firm- Skift- reports that while India and Thailand have historically been the market leaders, sub-Saharan Africa is the fastest rising region. Americans form the largest segment of such travel. This form of tourism includes fitness, well-being and mingling with the local populace along with a dose of spirituality. 

3 Ways Leaders Accidentally Undermine their Teams’ Creativity

Corporate training always aims at increasing employees’ creativity yet often leaders accidentally undermine their teams in this regard. Brainstorming is critical, yet too much of it can be detrimental. Market research has proven other methods of problem solving equally beneficial. Business research also suggests that some employees’ creativity accelerates as they are left on their own rather than an insistence upon teamwork at all times. Ideas generated must always be tested on the ground rather than dismissed summarily. 

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