The Creative Destruction of your Job

Due to the ongoing disruption caused by numerous start-ups taking advantage of concepts like crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing, some of the older professions are facing a fight for survival. Uber and Airbnb for example are threatening the positioning of cab drivers and hotel chains. Even the world of education is seeing changing paradigms with executive MBA being a choice rather than a regular one among business professionals. Similarly, schools and colleges are no longer solely able to train professionals for the technological changes, this work is being carried out through corporate training at organizations. These are the ways in which the now underemployed can remain relevant in the sharing economy. 

10 Ways for Marketing to Deliver Business Value

Ten ways have been suggested by business consulting for marketing to deliver commercial worth. The market positioning must show clear value proposition. Best chances for success lie at junction of swiftness and innovation. Marketing must focus on the buyers’ needs rather than the product itself. B2B segment in precision marketing is shifting towards a business to individual model. It must be done with doze of empathy. Upcoming marketers must possess inquisitiveness in general and problem solving skills. Digital marketing technology must be embedded into the sales system. Resources must be managed keeping in view the generation gap at the moment. Innovation must be incorporated at every level in the firm. Finally, the ideas of co-creation and collaboration must be embedded into the DNA of the organization.

11 Customer Service Fixes a Consultant Would Make at your Company

The world of management consulting has constantly been showering some solutions to ensure customer service becomes superior at the firm. Employees placed for facing customers must have specific criteria. New recruits must quickly integrate into the customer and employee centric management style. These ideas must be restated on a regular basis. Unless the manager oneself ‘shops’ from own firm, some intricate details will not carve out. Handover procedure must be streamlined. Business analysis must make use of customer data to sieve through and come up with useful conclusions. Employees must be provided timely management training. Customer recovery is one such parameter where the same is needed. Employees must feel empower at decision making. The FAQ section must address the questions actually posed. Crucially, self-service options must be part of the kiosk.

7 Metrics for Successful Leaders

Business research has come up with certain metrics which leaders must have to achieve success. One must be aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses. A healthy family life is a must. While money is no guarantee, the leader must be in a position to earn the right salary. He / she must possess good health. The career path must be well laid out. The person must know how to appreciate others. The existing lifestyle must induce some sort of contentment without the baggage of arrogance.

Ministry Reaping Yields of Card System in Tourist Areas

As per market research conducted by the Turkish government, data has revealed that the card system implemented in 2014 has worked wonders. There has been a revenue growth by almost two-fifths year on year. Famous tourist circuits in Istanbul were linked by a single Museum Card plus. Thus it is now possible to visit the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace And Konya Mevlana museums all with one pass. With Istanbul’s success, other cities such as Izmir, Antalya and Mugla have followed suit and decided on implementing the same with the view to increase tourism revenue as well as travel jobs.

Top 5 Inbound Marketing Metrics you should be Measuring

While number of metrics exist, market research has come up with ones which are critical and must be taken seriously. Greenfield opportunities from inbound operations is one of them. Business analytics must be able to gauge the overall traffic to lead generation rate. Here the CTAs must be aligned with relevant pages. Also the rate of landing page conversion is critical. The lead must be able to generate conversion of customers. The digital marketing campaign run must induce tangible revenue.

ASEAN+3 Ministers see intra travel main source of Tourism growth

The ASEAN+3 including Japan, China and South Korea convened for a meeting where it emerged that tourism will be pushed as one of the premier businesses for the region. The growth will especially be targeted towards tourist from the Asia Pacific region. China’s efforts are promotion of the same and creating tourism jobs was especially lauded at the ASEAN Tourism Forum. Tourism has also been identified as a platform to ensure peace and prosperity within the region.

3 Essentials for Effective Communication

Communication has become the lifeblood of modern businesses and for that reason, it has become crucial link in corporate training. So, Business research has developed themes which must be or not included within corporate communication. Audits must frequently be held to make sure phrases such as ‘just’ and ‘basically’ are not used repetitively. Communication must not be hurried and can take normal course of time. One must not jump in to conversations of any form, instead speaker notes must be referred to.

‘Gateway to Cappadocia’ on rise in Tourism

The Cappadocia region and adjoining Aksaray province in Turkey has seen tourism rise to over a million tourists last year. This unprecedented growth has generated numerous tourism jobs. Specific walking circuits, trekking routes, opening of caravanserais and restoration of churches has this particular growth in interest. An underground city named Gazeimir has been recently inaugurated while the uniquely named Monastery Valley has seen new Aksaray museum doing particularly well. Aksaray has positioned itself as the ‘gateway to Cappadocia’. 

 3 Ways Great Firms Excel on Industry Leadership

There are three ways in which great organizations can lead their respective industries. They may show intellectual leadership where the firms are always the first to develop unique products inconceivable to others. Apple, P & G and Phillips are best examples. Then there is Ford whose corporate strategy was to scale a product which seemed out of budget for others. The provide capability leadership. Results leadership is the combination of hindsight, foresight and oversight where the final outcome provides best bottom line to the business.  

Cultivate these 7 Attributes of Master Achievers

High achievers have certain common traits which if adopted can yield positive returns. They are forever hungry for success. They possess the mental toughness to combat difficult situations. They demonstrate strong sense of loyalty to their beliefs. Preparedness for all kinds of events is an inbuilt trait in them. They excel at corporate training as they enjoy learning at work. They take responsibility for their actions. Crucially, they can turn setbacks into advantageous situations for themselves and team.

11 Biggest e-Commerce Websites in the World

Marketing research has been conducted on e-commerce and its biggest online players worldwide. India, USA and China have been proven to be most influential in this line. This list includes a mix of online only and brick & mortar combination firms. As expected, Amazon is right on top of the list. Wal-Mart’s corporate strategy has redefined to include increased online presence and this policy reflects in improved position in the top ten. Flipkart is the biggest Indian firm closely followed by Snapdeal and Jabong while China’s leading players are Tmall, Alibaba and Taobao. Target, e-Bay and Best Buy complete the list.        

Uniting North East, Nepal and Bhutan

The SAATO conference was recently held in Sikkim and focused on strengthening ties within the region as well as with neighbouring countries with a shared heritage and history like Nepal and Bhutan. Generation of tourism jobs remains a prime concern in this diverse region. More adventure tour operators are to be provided hands-on management training especially for mountaineering related activities on Nepal-Sikkim border areas. Buddhism, monsoons and festivals were some other themes touched upon for future growth potential.

How to Accelerate your Digital Business Transformation

As per business research conducted, some ideas have been generated to best speed up the digital business transformation. Changes in design of product, development of the package and innovation in service delivery will be critical. Next generation software must be designed to encourage flexibility and innovation. Customer demands are changing fast and thus new products / services need to be developed at rapid pace. The changes however must be incorporated safely and with regularity. A relook at talent management is the need as newer roles and skills are set to be formed and required.

7 Habits of Innovative Thinkers

Market research has proved over period of time, certain traits to be habits possessed by innovative thinkers. They are associated with ego, yet do not have inflated ones and are open to others’ viewpoints. They are confident yet not arrogant. They have been found to have inquisitive nature. While some innovative thinkers speak well, they are inherently good listeners and thus they do well at management training. They ensure to keep emotions in check. They possess leadership skills and can direct team members. Most crucially, they have the ability to put themselves in colleagues or customers’ shoes.

7 Ways to use the Internet for Marketing

As per business consulting, some methods have been suggested for using the internet for the purpose of digital marketing. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one such method. Another is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Video marketing is trending these days especially on smart phones. Social Media Marketing has emerged as the buzzword over the last few years. Content marketing involves the usage of blogs, postings, pictures and videos as part of a single package. Then there is affiliate marketing which encourages others to sell one’s products. Finally there is online advertising, an evergreen art which is conducted on websites rather than search engines.

Tourism around the World attracts 1.1. billion People in 2014

Globally tourism is bigger as an industry than it ever was as per market research conducted by the UNWTO. Asia and the Americas saw maximum growth in outbound tourism while north- eastern Asia saw similar figures for inbound. Europe, the Middle East and The Caribbean saw similarly healthy figures for growth. This has led to massive surge of travel jobs. Numbers have risen for five consecutive years standing at an increase just short of five percent in the year 2014 over previous.            

8 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Deal with Toxic People

Certain people are built emotionally sensitive and intelligent. These people often find it a challenge to deal with poisonous ones. Management consulting has come up with certain ways to deal with the same. For ensuring success, there is need to draw fine line between being team players and being friendly to all. Emotionally intelligent people possess mental strength to ward off challenges to their enjoyments. They rise above in these situations. Solutions are always sought rather than deliberate on problems. They provide and seek support from team members. Self awareness is critical. They forgive yet do not necessarily forget. Importantly, they stock energy for improved opportunities. 

Iran Prioritizes Security of Foreign Tourists

Iran has developed a new tourism policy as per which the country plans to liberalize norms for foreign tourists visiting. They will now be able to maintain religious freedom. This is a push to increase tourism jobs as presently oil and petroleum industry is the primary source of revenue. This is a source drying up and with global oil prices at all time low, the economy has to diversify. Business research has shown that less than one percent of global tourism revenue comes to Iran and the target of three percent has been set. Cultural and historical sites form top priority.

Why Marketers should keep sending you e-Mails

While e-mails have often been classified as being earlier generation marketing tools, yet they remain integral at present times as per marketing research. The click rate here is not that important, more so is the overall journey that potential user undertakes. It enables sharing of important activities firm has done or achieved in the period of time. They also allow personalization which many other tools do not do quite so effectively. Thus it is a crucial cog of digital marketing and not one to be ignored.

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