While majority of companies have accepted social media as a key link in digital marketing, some skeptics still remain. For them, some more reasons have been identified after which any further resistance to adopt a strategy will be impossible. First, of all social media reaches more people than any other source and seventy percent of adults are using these platforms. The return on investment is far more due to substantially lower entry costs. Social media leads to greater online visibility. Regular updates and ad campaigns can improve page search rank on both Google and Facebook. The overall customer experience improves as evidenced by two-thirds of customers choosing to stop interacting with brands that didn’t have social media presence. People expect response to any issue posted on Twitter to be within an hour. Before any brand interaction, customers tend to search out for its presence on social media. They often also check profiles of key people associated. Social media is nowadays also being used to watch television, research purchases, procure reliable product reviews and shop.


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