Winning or losing a sale means a lot to sales people. However, the result is rarely random, as clear reasons exist for the same. Six major reasons exist for the final result. One is that there are some customers who prefer to be challenges by the sales persons. This figure corresponds to roughly a third of those surveyed. Another point is that the buying decision is the most undemocratic and arbitrary as it is taken by a single person. Generally speaking, there isn’t a lot that salespeople can control. The brand here matters as market leaders will always overpower the other irrespective of sales quality. A tool commonly deployed by sales people to convert leads is pricing which keeps altering with cycles. Incidentally, for several buyers, price does not play a major role in their decision making. For most sales people, the biggest challenge is not competitors but customers for whom the buying decision is competing against several other unrelated factors. The appropriate talent recruitment of sales people is particularly crucial as in several industries charisma truly matters. This is especially true about media and fashion industries.


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