A recent study by the CMO Council, reports that in spite of much talk by marketers, about a customer- centric culture, less than a seventh of them surveyed, consider their organization’s culture to be so. A few steps need to be followed by companies that intend to build a customer- centric system there. Firstly, one needs to operationalize customer empathy. The talent recruitment done, needs to be with a focus on people with an inherent customer orientation. Organizations will need to understand that capturing business intelligence on customers need not be the prerogative of a central system alone. Instead, the frontline needs to be empowered so insights gained, can be instantly relayed up the system. Even the top executives and the middle management needs to periodically interact first- hand with customers, to get a grip on their needs and requirements. The employee culture at the firm needs to be aligned with the customer outcomes. Even the compensation needs to be tied up with the customer feedback and interaction.


Uploaded Date:25 January 2019

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