The three types of bosses no employee Wants

There exist many types of superiors at work place but business research has found out that of them three types are most undesirable. The boss who tries to micro-manage and do everything his / her own way tops that list. Then there are superiors who are indifferent to team members and do not engage with them on regular basis, rather only to understand sales figures and targets. Then there is a third set of reporting officers who bully their subordinates, often insult or even steal ideas from them to gain credit themselves.

6 Processes for Generating Ideas for Radical Innovations

Business innovation requires radical thinking but to ensure that happens, some processes exist. A goal must be set for all employees to innovate towards new products and this must be communicated to the concerned ones. Time frames must be shifted to past and future. Management training must aim to incorporate analogical thinking among employees. Newer methods must be sought to solve routine issues. The firm must also connect with idea generators using crowd-sourcing as a tool. New technologies must be promoted across the consumption chain.

Accolade for Tourism New Zealand’s premium Sector

New Zealand’s tourism board has won several awards at the recently concluded Luxperience travel trade show held in Sydeny, Australia. Overall the country won the top accolade and several of its players were felicitated in the premium travel segment. Auckland based TIME Unlimited Tours and Motueka’s Split Apple Retreat won individual prizes at the ceremony. This success is set to impact the growth of travel jobs at the top end within the sector in New Zealand. 

The 5 biggest Reasons Leaders are frustrated with Marketing Automation

Automation is now ever present in marketing yet it is posing some hurdles and frustrating business leaders. There is a major information gap and marketers are often missing out on crucial data. With this data missing, business analysis becomes a problem and that impacts the decision making process. The software might be world class but the execution relies on number of other parameters and automation requires extensive corporate training on technologies. Marketers do not instantly realize when they make mistakes, rather the errors reflect much later and by then it’s often too late to rectify. Identification of right content also becomes a challenge.

Fundraising in the Digital Age

While some professional sports have a lot of money to be made and thus massive investments, others such as women’s ski-jumping are struggling for funding. In fact two of the world’s best had to resort to great trouble to avail the same. Then came to their rescue a crowd-funding platform called ReadyMe. The firm took advantage of the digital era and resorted to digital marketing across platforms of the two skiers. More than US& 25,000 was raised in the first month itself. Joining these two sportswomen from Michigan, came another skier from Vermont who had similar success story.

Outbound Tourism from China grows Sharply

China is flexing its financial muscle through outbound tourism, where the country’s people now exert a significant percentage of global numbers. About a ninth of the world’s international travelers were Chinese as per tourism consulting provided by World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF). Chinese travelers have also increased their per capita spend during trips. In fact about three-fifths of them spend heavily on shopping including luxury items. The internet has truly revolutionized purchasing patterns as about two-thirds of outbound travel from China was booked using online forums.

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