Digital Business Leaders are pulling ahead of the Pack

Market research giant Gartner conducted its survey across four countries- U.S, U.K., Australia and Germany- and its analysis points out clearly that digital businesses are doing much better. These businesses are apparently less capital or labour intensive and thus the returns on investment average out better. The organizations which have done well have a clear digital orientation embedded within the corporate strategy. The major improvements cited by these firms were – improved customer experience, improvement in work productivity and better organization in sales and IT. 

Using Company Culture to Wow your Customers

Various reasons may be cited for organization success but company culture will always be an integral one. All the more it becomes crucial when this can attract customers. Las Vegas based Zappos is one such firm which highlights its organizational culture. Organizations are increasingly taking the extra step at employee retention and talent management by creating a comfortable office atmosphere. Organizations as well as its employees must constantly learn from other within the firm or industry as a whole. 

Travel & Tourism among top performing Industries

As per market research conducted, it has been understood that travel and tourism as a whole is one of the best performing industries within the US economy. The technology sector is doing well in Boston but otherwise tourism holds sway as top performer. Another trend noticed is that weekends are busiest in this sector while weekdays go relatively thin. This is mainly due to number of travelers making last moment arrangement and booking a maximum of just three days back.

11 Key Factors to remember in Digital Marketing

Certain tenets must at all times be kept in mind while pursuing digital marketing. SEO techniques must always be incorporated within the planning. This requires business analysis to derive the right keywords. The brand must deliver the same content as the founder. Content marketing has now become crucial. Also another mode known as active marketing ought to be pursued by targeting people before they convert to customers. Visuals have become more important and thus an appealing web design is fundamental. The organization must immerse itself in goodwill from time to time. Mobile phone must be included in the marketing strategy as a major segment can be tagged using the same. Content and its mode of delivery must always have that fresh and crisp feel. Also the branding must be honest without exaggerations. Finally, one must never forget the age old technique of email marketing.

5 Essential hybrid Digital Marketing skills to develop Now

Digital marketing is now longer a niche area and to perfect this, one requires a hybrid skill set. The marketer in charge must possess cross-channel knowledge. The team must possess not only marketing sense but also business acumen. The knowledge of technology is now essential for marketers. In addition, as individual types are to be targeted, so the marketer must possess interpersonal and communication skills. A passion for the product, industry and the market in totality is also equally crucial.

Africa’s Travel & Tourism Industry to grow at Record Levels

An upcoming conference to be held in the month of September in Durban, South Africa is set to focus on the rise in tourism numbers for the continent of Africa. Over, the next ten years, Africa is set to grow the fastest in the world fuelling an equally insatiable rise in travel jobs. This will emulate the expected patterns of Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East regions which presently hold top positions. Within the continent, Kenya and South Africa are expected to be the top players.

How to Future proof your Mobile Marketing Strategy

The smart-phone has emerged as a crucial cog in digital marketing and thus its involvement needs to be protected for the coming years. Customer data and insights need to captured and leveraged to provide adequate services. The user experience needs to be improved in order to cement loyalty. The focus has to be on working across marketing channels and platforms. While mobile phone websites serve their purposes, there exist no alternatives to mobile apps whose development needs to be continued. Data captured must measure the performances and help evolve the brand in desired manner.

WTTC Calls for Sustainable Tourism Businesses to share Best Practices

Tourism consulting provided by WTTC has urged the tourism industry as a whole to go more sustainable. The players which are at present following sustainability norms must share their best practices with the peer group. The industry as a whole is answerable to the broader concerns and improvements need to be tracked before a climate change convention to be held in Paris in December this year. WTTC feels that the tourism industry should stay ahead of other industries in this regard.

7 Intriguing Technology disruptions in Financial Services

Technology has proven to be the major business innovation that has altered the financial services market. Seven such technologies have been identified. Cloud computing is the obvious name on top of the list. Then there is block chain technology. Big data has enabled superior business analysis than ever before. Personalization of content is also playing a big part these days brought about due to technological revolution. Majority of systems these days are aligned with one another. Even personal computing is establishing new paradigms such as the Apple Watch and the Oculus Rift. Transaction processing systems continue to define organizations’ user friendly nature. 

9 Ways to Create Value in your Recruitment Efforts

Recruitment efforts are often not cohesive and end up hurting the organization. The candidate must instead be treated like a future leader or client. Focus must be towards recruiting the best of candidates rather than more numbers. The entire process must be simplified. It must indeed be a sprint and not a marathon. Personalization must be incorporated during the interview process. The candidate’s suitability to the organization’s culture must be taken into account. Importance must be given to the approach the candidates take towards the questioning during the interview rounds. Talent recruitment must be a pull rather than push process. A complete three hundred and sixty degree feedback process must be embraced by the HR team.  

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