How to Revamp your On-boarding Process

The onboarding process for new recruits is often one of the hardest tasks for the HR. However, detailed business analysis has come up with couple of ways which if followed can work wonders for this process. The company culture must be explained in some way or the other to the new recruit clearly right at the beginning. His / her performance must start getting reviewed from even before the actual first day. The welcoming to the fold duties must be distributed among the existing employees. The introductions must also be made as a formal process early on. The new recruit must be provided with tools he / she may start using effectively. The corporate strategy and the individual’s goals must be in sync right from the word go.

Steve Jobs: The World’s Greatest Storyteller

A movie has been made on the life of Steve Jobs, yet it is highly likely that any film may not be able to do justice to the level of storyteller that the man was. His life and the mythology surrounding the same has become part of modern lore. This has worked for all the business innovations designed at Apple where he has managed to weave a story of greatness per product. Similar features may exist in other products but Apple’s brand creation has been such that other firms’ products have not generated anything near the excitement levels.

Your Corporate Headquarters can Symbolize your Company Culture

There are some office complexes which look as if they might as well house military tanks or abandoned submarines. They are unkempt and the design does not allow for creative thinking. On the other hand there is the Googleplex which is the home to Google. Its sprawling campus near San Francisco is designed in such a way to exude creativity leading to business innovation. A sense of community is generated by that sort of campus design. TELUS is another example of a company whose corporate headquarters in Vancouver are designed keeping aesthetics in mind. Such firms generate excellent first impressions.

The Strategic Importance of Recognized Leadership

Business research conducted by Globe-Scan has clearly revealed that certain firms have recognized the importance of leadership in order to implement their corporate strategy envisioned. Unilever, Nestle, Patagonia and Nike are part of that list. What is typically happening across organizations is that while plans are getting formulated and employees are expected to perform their tasks, leadership is lacking in order to guide their teams accordingly. Societal trust on corporations is reducing and thus strong leadership is required in order to integrate the different stakeholders.

Consultancy Firms Target Female MBA students in bid for Diversity

Top management consultancy firms such as Bain, Deloitte and BCG are aiming at increasing the number of female employees at these firms. This is in order to increase equality and diversity within their ranks. KPMG and EY are among consultancies which are already performing fairly well in this count. These firms are among regular recruiters at top institutes such as MIT Sloan, London Business School and Kellogg School and have added a female scholarship to their recruitment quotas. Along with this they are also providing incentives to female employees to complete their higher education while working with them.

Three Tenets of Talent Development

Some approaches towards the art of talent management and development have been identified. These are conflicting methodologies yet their aims converge. The first method known as production centred approach looks at talent development as a means to improve production and the entire management training to be provided in such a way as to eventually maximize production. The person centred approach on the other hand looks to minimize employee stress and plans production based on the capabilities of employees. The third approach is problem centred which looks at utilizing the existing talent pool to solve immediate problems and work as per projects lined up.

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