Why does culture sometimes evolve via sudden bursts of Innovation?

As Sir Isaac Newton had once famously alluded to, human beings build on the cumulative culture and knowledge which their predecessors have acquired. We have the unique ability to observe, record and tabulate information gained. However, knowledge is also often lost as we can see in the example of Australia’s Aborgines’ loss of highly useful inventions such as fishing nets or warm clothes, proven through archaeological research. If one goes through the timeline of human history, one is comfortable with little innovation for the best part of a staggering two million years. Yet within a period of thirty thousand odd years, there was a tremendous leap in the collective human knowledge pool. Environmental factors also play a part. Business innovations similarly require a certain favourable environment to thrive. Organizational culture grows around the innovation at the firm much like human culture has evolved over time and technological advances.

5 Ways to take the wind out of your future leader’s Sails

Leadership is very often the critical ingredient which make or break organizations. A management consulting publication has provided us with a list of mistakes that are commonly committed by firms which eventually lead to ineffective leadership. One of them is when individuals get promoted for the sake of it without any significant development to their profiles. Additional corporate training ought to be provided when promotions take place with added responsibility. Also quite often the aspiring leaders are judged on inappropriate metrics. The development of the individuals needs to be an ongoing activity rather than a one time job. Sometimes it is existing leaders with a certain mindset who inadvertently hold back the next generation of honchos. Rather developing existing talent must be among the key parameters to evaluate the contemporary leadership. Finally, what happens frequently is that the top management does not show enough interest in the actual workings of the next levels and thus enough support does not generate for the aspiring generation.

9 B2B Marketing Trends to watch in 2016

The world of industrial marketing is set for a major overhaul in the coming year. A business consulting think-tank has come up with a list of trends that are set to define the year 2016. Digital marketing can no longer be identified as separate from conventional as the word digital in itself defines the entire gamut. More organizations dealing with the B2B segment are adding their focus to the oft ignored aspect of final customer experience. Marketing directed via product advocates is all set to grow further. The field of sales is getting better enabled through technological innovations to study the customer more carefully and make detailed observations to be further incorporated in the product. Mobile friendly marketing apps are getting created for delivering content and publicizing tradeshows. The concepts of podcasting, live shows and video shows are similarly showing massive growth levels with increased numbers of subscribers. Brands that are considered thought leaders are promulgating ideas using such concepts. Companies meanwhile are trying to find ways in which advertisements can appear more meaningful to people and to increase the click rate. Email marketing has often been thought of as something that belongs to the bygone era, yet it appears to be on something of a resurgence.

The top 4 things bosses can do to boost Engagement

Business research has been conducted to find out the best ways to increase staff engagement and four ideas have emerged. Leaders must ensure they are trusted by their team members. Employees must genuinely feel that the management shares a sincere concern for their own well-being, only then will such trust emerge. Leaders must possess strong and effective communication skills. Crucially, the organization’s corporate strategy must be clear to all and employees must be able to keep track of company progress. Onboarding of recruits is far easier when the organization is doing well and that is demonstrated to the employees.

Sharing economy’ businesses becoming more Popular

The ‘sharing’ or ‘gig’ economy is gaining lot of new supporters. Airbnb and Uber remain the top players whose business innovations have sparked massive changes in the market. Such models create mini-vendors out of common people. Uber alone makes a staggering two million trips a day across the globe. Taking inspiration in the town of Wichita, PetBridge has been started which allows potential new pet owners to connect with those who wish to find new homes for their surplus ones. In San Francisco was started Recurrency which is a site that connects artists and musicians with possible donors.

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