What are the Innovative HR Practices that Knowledge workers Want?

Knowledge workers are a unique breed of employees. Instead of conventional tactics, certain HR practices have been acknowledged which are sure to get the best productivity out of them. Knowledge workers desire a continuous, consistent work culture across the organization, rather than departmentalization. They abhor politics. Transparency is valued by them. With such people of high caliber, the system of command plus control does not work. They wish to be empowered. This can be made possible by conducting regular corporate training, authentic three sixty degree feedback, free flow of knowledge and matching their expertise with appropriate salary. These knowledge workers also believe in leadership with accountability and the person on top of a team has to deliver accordingly. Knowledge workers bring high degree of perfection at work, thus it becomes important to harness their unique gifts.



Companies Must Treat Employees as Customers: Aon’s Mark Oshima

A representative from Aon which is a management consulting firm specializing in HR, says that employees must be treated by companies the way they handle their customers. Talent management becomes a particularly skillful task to deal with during mergers and acquisitions. Employees go through several dilemmas such as reporting channels, job security, growth prospects or work profile. Companies need to clarify these points with utmost transparency. Resource allocation is another challenge. However, dispelling the myths surrounding automation, the managing partner of Aon clarified that it will not result in people losing their jobs, but instead there is bound to be realignment. There will be fresh assessment on skill sets which need to be fitted according to altering realities. E-commerce firms have in particular struggled with their staffing as many were funded generously but could not handle the amount resulting in people not being taken care of. Across organizations, top employees are now being treated as capital assets and they are being shifted from core functional areas to high growth sectors.


Five bad Recruiting practices that drive Talent Away

Some talent recruitment trends have been identified which, instead of fulfilling the organization’s requirements, drive away the best of employees. The first of them has been termed as radio silence where once candidates have filled out long, cumbersome application forms, are often left in the dark, receiving no response. Pre-employment tests must be done away with and replaced with profile views, references or testimonials on LinkedIn. Recruiters must discuss salary terms with the prospect depending on skill set and position offered, not on the basis of what that person was previously drawing. Outdated interviewing techniques must be done away with. Also, sometimes recruiters convince themselves of ample time available for the process to be concluded, yet do not understand that prime candidates do not wait that long.



Here’s where most Companies go wrong when looking for Job Candidates

A mistake a number of recruiters commit is to focus too much on the raw talent. Yet actual business persons will relate to the fact that more than talent, it is the team ethics that matter more. Thus businesses must aim at creating the company culture first. Employees who display transparency, resourcefulness and willingness to collaborate are definitely better fits at organizations than those with exceptional talent. Company culture must be built from top to bottom with all levels following similar imprint. Business innovation though must flow from bottom to top with each level willing to add more value. The company must in some way reward those who work with a team spirit.


How HR can drive Innovation for Customer Satisfaction

The field of human resources was built in the initial period in order to administer people. Unfortunately this tag stayed and even in 2016 majority of HR professionals are solely engaged in that activity. Yet HR can also be an innovation driver. The next stage beyond administration is talent management through optimizing brains. The HR reaches the zenith when it starts connecting brains remotely connected. It can best be executed suing social, cloud, mobile and big data platforms. Companies at the cutting edge such as SAP are automating a lot of their HR functions, freeing up the professionals to engage in keeping the organization continuously connected across geographical or time boundaries. Productivity rises as a result, eventually reflecting in improved customer satisfaction.


A new Facebook Chatbot could help you find your next Job

Ever since Facebook Messenger opened up towards modifications, chat bots have been added by various developers. Some of them have simply been for fun and frolic but others have developed useful applications. For example there is Job Pal, which is helping out with talent recruitment. Random questions are asked to users on the premise of networking but if the conversation goes well, a job offer is made right on the spot. Several companies have been enlisted for such services including Uber, PayPal, Citymapper and Hailo. There have been some failures in related organizations such as at Microsoft.



How to become a Talent Magnet

Certain traits enable a select list of people to have the ability to attract the best of talent. Alice Waters, chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California is one of them. Several top chefs have such as Judy Rodgers, Joyce Goldstein and Jeremiah Tower have worked under her and gone on to win laurels in their field. She is extremely good at the art of talent management. But in this respect she is not alone as in several other industries some such unique names exist. Some examples of that are Ralph Lauren in fashion, Gene Roberts in media, Julian Robertson in finance, Larry Elison in technology and Bill Walsh in professional football. First of all they select the right candidates but ensure that once selected, they do slog. Such super-bosses also possess good networking skills and this rubs off on these new recruits. Once a reputation establishes, recruitment becomes easier to the extent that existing employees end up being job advocates for the company.



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