Want to hire great People? Do these ten things Well

A study conducted by the Forbes group has identified ten steps that must be taken up in order to excel at talent recruitment. First of all bureaucratic work policies must be gotten rid off as they negatively impact innovation at workplace. Unless regulatory or safety compliances are challenged, step by step processes must be replaced by greater fluidity. Compensation matters and thus organization which plan to succeed in the long run must pay at least industry average or more. Corporate training of management must aim towards instilling in them a management style that focuses on trust and not fear. The work place environment must be relatively relaxed and fun with less focus on arrival and departure timings but more on actual productivity. Open communication must be encouraged at all levels. A strong work culture must be developed at the organization so that employees themselves become advocates for fresh recruitments. This strong work culture must be emphasized on at all times. Less reliance must be made on recruitment software and more on the human touch. Interviews must be more of interactions and less formal so that the candidate can speak freely.



How Performance Management Software will change the way you do Business

Several mega organizations such as Adobe, Cargill and Accenture have done away with performance management reviews. In fact it was understood post studies conducted that managers spend a stupendous two hundred hours per year on performance reviews. In order to be more conducive towards talent management, the process to evaluate performances has been made simpler. It is more user-friendly by nature now. Business analytics now tracks performance insights using sophisticated and quantifiable data. Collaboration is greatly boosted as a result of this simplification. Companies have even started this concept of pulse surveys where questionnaires are delivered to employees’ respective inboxes. Others are even gamifying their performance evaluation.


Three ways Technology is transforming Talent Management in 2016

A study commissioned has identified three ways by which the art of talent management is undergoing a change thanks to technology. Algorithms are now being used for hiring decisions. Research firms such as Entelo and Textio are gauging business intelligence to deduce important traits and qualifications among applicants’ pool to cut through time spent on recruitment. GE’s employees now have an app specifically designed to help them provide feedback on work culture and products. It also helps engage employees with the management. People analytics are now being worked on. This is radically different from training analytics or other such tools, as they measure the effectiveness of employees over a range of activities across a span of time.


Five signs your Company is Clueless about your Talent

Certain indications at organizations are clear giveaways that those companies know very little about the art of talent management. It starts with recruitment where if the process is fast and warm with a human touch, it means the people concerned value the efforts of the applicants. If on the other hand, the process is slow, cold and involves bureaucracies, then little attention is paid towards the talent. Another indications is if all employees are rigidly time bound to arrive and leave office at same minimum time without due considerations towards flexibility. Also the evaluation process at such places is flawed as all employees are scanned rigorously under the same parameters. The communication at such places is loud, hierarchical and instructive rather than involving the people. Finally, such organizations do not exude honesty in dealings. There exists a lack of transparency.


Hurry up: Speed is Key to recruiting the best Talent

In order to excel at talent recruitment, time is of the essence. Due to the massive chunks of data created today, it is essential that communication be conducted swiftly. When positions have not been filled up on time, companies have ended up losing money as per a study concluded. Also when aspirants do not receive acknowledgements, it creates wrong perception of the organization. Even if candidate is not finally selected, a mail acknowledging that the CV has been received must be sent. This trend all the more strong with the newer generations of recruits who are now flocking online forums for their needs. Steps in the positive direction have already taken place with STEM hiring in particular doing well using such model.


The Culture within: How Employee Engagement impacts Customer Experience

Marketing experts have identified an aspect of HRM that is critical to their discipline. That is employee engagement as that positively impacts customer experience. Motivated employees provide much better service to customers as they own the culture at the organization. Peer-to-peer feedback also improves as newer recruits get positive vibes from the longer serving employees. A perfect example would be Zappos where talent management is given top importance and employee satisfaction reflects when these people in turn interact with customers in this highly customer-centric industry. Many of the other smaller companies though are not providing due attention to employee engagement.


Finding Great Talent: The Intersection of Recruiters and Recruiting Technology

There has been much debate as to the importance of technology for the purpose of talent recruitment. These recruitment tools help organizations to sieve through mounds of data but the final selections require the human touch, Thus certain precautions need to be taken that have been identified over a study commissioned. The interview process needs to be conducted by recruiters but structured guides must exist to guide the persons involved. Candidate profiles must be tracked using technology so that unnecessary data can be rejected easily. For this business analytics must also be used as that will help close the process earlier while also helping the recruiters to analyze sources which are providing best leads. Aspirants need to be marked against a scorecard where parameters will be predefined.



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