Several studies made on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been collated together to present a picture of trends that will be popular in 2018. According to a Gartner study in particular, the integration of AI with web and mobile apps will be on the rise. This inturn will generate even more humongous quantities of data, leading to more accurate business analytics to be performed. The number of chatbots in operation will surge. AI will increasingly be paired with the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and other intelligent devices. Cameras for instance will now operate as fitness trackers cum smart cameras. Medical research, diagnosis and treatment will be further aided using AI-based techniques. At present, AI impacts software more, but increasingly it will have an impact on hardware usage. Intel’s Nervana Neural Network Processor suite of chips for example is based around the same. AI will have a major impact on jobs and the subsequent talent recruitment as testified by Forrester study that claims that 7% of existing jobs are to be replaced. More startups which use this technology deftly will take on the digital giants such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon or will get acquired for hefty sums by one of these.


Uploaded Date:07 June 2018

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