Unicorns as opposed to established giants, are organizations that have sprung up recently, use private money and are VC (Venture Capital) funded. The Wall Street Journal has published the full list but some of the top unicorns in global business today include Uber, Snapchat, Airbnb, Xiaomi and Flipkart. The growth of such firms has been exponential and this has brought the focus on how big companies can learn from their successes. The first major learning is that unicorns are small in size, allowing quick decision making. They are led by serial entrepreneurs who love developing one business before moving on to the next. They may not be great administrators which is why they leave the day-to-day running to others, but they excel at business innovation. They have raised massive quantities of VC funds. Crucially, they focus on specific solutions and excel in them rather than trying out a bouquet of services.


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