Behind every successful ecommerce business, usually there is an effective promotional design which brings in new leads and higher sales. Effective promotions enhance website experience, increases visitor engagement and give better sales results.

What makes overlay promotional design effective? Incorporating the right design elements in overlay promotions is the key to making them effective as some design elements yield better results than others. In this article, Grant uses “show and tell” format to present some of these design elements through 10 excellent examples of well designed overlay promotions.

You will get an opportunity to see great overlay promotions by brands like SoleRebels, Bandolier, Drop Bottle, Renovator Store, Horseland, Sol Angeles, MuscleEgg, Flow, Mustela and The Poster List using design elements like display ideas, short call to action, two field form to collect information, image building, encouraging subscription to mailing list, engaging new customers, displaying value clearly, contests, darkening of the overlay background, educational content, new product updates and clearance sale.

I recommend that you do not miss this opportunity to learn how to make your overlay promotions effective and your ecommerce marketing strategy a resounding success.

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