The online marketing industry not only complicated, global and volatile, but is fast changing and exciting. Keeping up with the latest trends or adopting them is not only expensive but also not easy. Early adopters can be a step ahead of the competition while laggards can miss out on the available highly profitable opportunities.

Jayson feels that 2016 will be an exciting year for online and digital marketing based on the seven trends that he discusses in the article. He predicts that Video ads will offer limitless opportunitiesbecause now Google owns YouTube and has also decided to adopt thein-SERP video advertising . Also, dedicated apps business will grow exponentially and mobiles, as expected, will continue to dominate over desktops as already mobile traffic as overtaken desktop traffic in ten countries. Other trends like increasing use of digital assistants, virtual reality, wearable “smart” devices and technology and Internet of things are gaining traction and need to watched and tracked. Just read this interesting article for more details about these trends of 2016.

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