Digital marketingexperts spoke about brand success secrets at a conference recently in San Francisco. Jessica Sweeney of 1000watt spoke about integrity and how the customer must be made to care. She also spoke about how the company must be clear about its focus areas and be precise in the pitch. Finally she said the campaign must be more focused towards the client and not the vendor. Management consulting guru Katie Lance advised us all to keep handy an editorial calendar as time needs to be kept aside for planning. She then went to comment that the right person armed with the right content must be recruited for the position. The Paperless Agent’s Chris Scott spoke about how there must be clarity duringcorporate strategy formulation. The campaign must be tested before launching and no opportunities must be missed. Audie Chamberlain of Lion & Orb focuses on using the right PR technique to get the message across. Seth Price concluded this event by suggesting that the age old technique of focusing on keywords remains sacrosanct.

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