While digital marketing is so much entrenched into the minds of modern marketers, there still remain some terms which are relatively unheard of. There is cross-channel marketing which enables branding across multiple social platforms. Then there is employee advocacy which is a concept where employees of the organization use their own Facebook or Twitter links to publicize their organization’s achievements. Micro-moments is a term coined by Google which refers to real time incidents which trigger a sudden impulse to check for updates on social media or search on the web further news on the respective event. Something related is real-time marketing which pushes content at the right time when people are hooked towards a particular piece of news or event. Personalization is the concept of customizing content for individual users, usually belonging to niche segment. The process of following up with leads already engaged with is called remarketing. Cookies enable websites to tag users, and those users are more specifically targeted after business intelligence is extracted on them. This concept is known as retargeting. Finally there exists the concept of social intelligence where social media conversations are tracked using massive chunks of data and this is processed to analyze top brands and pain points. 

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