Social media is usually considered to be a potent tool for marketers dealing with the B2C segment. However, studies have uncovered the truth that it even does well with B2B sales. The study conducted by McKinsey points out that social media is an ideal tool for companies to uncover business intelligence on competitors. When social media chats are tracked, it is clearly understood that organizations ‘talk’ about brands. Also peer and user reviews are so commonplace on social media, that positive vibe is always created for firms one way or the other. International container shipping giant Maersk Line is one such industrial player that has made great use of social media to channel digital marketing. They are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Learning from Maersk, the correct audience needs to be identified and connected with. Direct sales pitch must never be adopted. Also social media marketing can best communicate to the wider audience regarding the concerns and objectives of the firm. And analytics must be made appropriate use of.

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