Social media has emerged as one of the strongest tools to generate effective digital marketing. A study just concluded has earmarked some ways in which the same can aid the launch of new products. Clues must be released from time to time using video based teasers. Live video streaming must be employed especially as they draw out eyeballs on Periscope or Facebook.  Time bound offers must be released on Snapchat to establish connect with younger users. Brand advocates must be identified across the social media landscape as such people can become genuine cheerleaders for the brand. To do this social media can also be used to establish connect with influential bloggers. Their followers can be reached out then. All key social media pages or handles across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. must mention exact product launch dates. A specific hasthtag must be created specifically for the launch event. And finally all this effort at reaching out to potential customers over social media must not be a one off for the launch, but must instead translate to long term benefits by crowd sourcing the idea for the next thing to be developed by the organization.


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