Business research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute has identified best ways to improve the ROI on its field of specialization. First of all the entire strategy must be put in writing. This will include the target audience as well as key metrics to be tracked. Each piece of content must have attached a Call to Action (CTA). The content to be marketed must align well with the company’s brand image. Costs must be minimized in any case by initially keeping focus towards the basics. The digital marketing efforts must be targeted using social media platforms best suited between options such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google Plus. The data analytics which will be generated will give the marketers an idea on products or services that are working best. Depending on such analysis, efforts must be made to maintain leadership positions in categories firm is doing well. The content marketing team must meet up frequently to discuss matters. Also instead of creating new content each time, one can regurgitate successful ones at periodic intervals.

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