Customer experience, engagement and management have been found to be working in triangular formations. The abbreviations CEX, CEM and CRM are incomplete without one another in the present context. Data based business analytics is used by organizations for decision making purposes. Click behaviour of individual users is measured over years. Loyalty programmes are similarly pitched. Social media tools are also geared to gauge this usage pattern. Even GPS is used to enable location tracking that helps retail chains. Predictive algorithm is being increasingly used by organizations. However, all of this is still at relative stage of infancy. This is due to several reasons, one of them being the fear of loss of privacy. Also there aren’t enough sensors around. Crucially while organizations tend to possess treasure troves of data, they aren’t yet aware in which all ways the same may be used. Customer engagement is a continuous process aided by a series of steps. It requires the coordinated integration of various touch points.

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