Certain technologies are powering the growth of ecommerce. Online transactions in the USA have risen from a mere 2.8% of the total volume in 2006 to 7% presently. Innovative retailers are now aligning their online and in-person strategies in such a way that customers get sense of brand convergence. The mobile phone is progressively being targeted more using features such as geo-fencing which enables location tracking. Specific geography based notifications can then be pushed to the potential customers. Instead of small retailers marketing individually, platforms such as ‘Garmentory’ let boutiques display their wares at one place. Several customers are worried about cyber security and that is where Blockchain technology is so useful as it is the most powerful tool to secure information. This has helped spike rise in online payments. Retailers are now considering holistic customer experience across the chain. Sustainability is the buzzword. Technology is enabling vast data warehousing operations to take place where information gets tracked before analysis can take place.

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