Marketers are undecided whether to adopt greater digital marketing resources towards social media or SEO. For startups, it is not financially viable to go whole-heartedly at both so a bit of prioritization is needed. There are some instances where both complement each other, while there are others where one can backfire for the other. Social media requires catchy headlines to attract page views. SEO though requires the usage of keywords so as to reflect on users’ search options. Fake accounts are often used by unscrupulous competitors on social media to wreck marketing campaigns of others. On searches, it is highly likely that social media pages from top platforms such as Twitter or Facebook will reflect on the first page immediately below the website. Thus care needs to be taken to maintain the same. The website needs to include links to company social media pages. Also shareable content needs to be created so that both SEO as well as social media platforms can leverage the same.


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