It has often rightly been remarked that company culture is what forms the backbone of any organization. It is an inevitable outcome of people gathering together at a place. A proper company culture is most conducive to fostering business innovation. Common goals and values are also forged together. It is also the right springboard for talent management and improved employee retention. At such places, diversity is not only accepted but in fact celebrated. Culture cannot be for the short duration, but indeed one for the long course of commitment towards goals and ideals. It also ensures checks and balances during operations. The right corporate culture has also been observed to produce far greater efficiency. The company culture is now becoming a competitive advantage in marketing as companies flaunt their superior work patterns, attracting the best of talent and increased capital investments. Customers moving on from Uber to its rivals Lyft when stories of poor company culture emerged, is an example of the opposite trend.


Uploaded Date :15 November 2017

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