The concept and growth of digital marketing has broken through country barriers. It is now much easier for companies to target across borders using online marketing tools. Some tools have been identified which are most helpful to such marketers. In order to promote a product or service over social network, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and LinkedIn are the obvious platforms. They have diverse uses as Twitter being more of a virtual phone while Instagram or Pinterest are ideal for developing product narratives. Facebook in addition is also well suited to mobile phone based marketing. Foursquare is another tool well suited to leveraging mobile technologies like GPS or AdWords. Retargeting is a method of tracking existing users and remarketing to them so that customer loyalty is built and they become repeat customers. Community building is another important way of engaging customers as succeeded in this quest by West Jet. Content marketing is one of the most critical steps where a story is promoted using language that is unique and shareable. Intelligent customers can make out the difference between genuine quality content simple sales pitch. The content must be adaptable to various situations depending on type of target market.


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