Certain businesses are such that they pitch their sales directly to the customer. For others, perhaps due to the nature of the product or the personality of the founders have an indirect, relatively subtle way to pitch sales. For the latter types, certain methods have been collated which will help their revenues grow this year. First of all hyper-local marketing methods need to be applied as majority of customers belong to the same area, thus already shopping from some place. Each time a customer has bought or used the services, aggressive remarketing techniques must be applied. Digital marketing using location tracking on smartphones, laptops or tablets may be an ideal method. The content delivered must be detailed and deliver precise message, but for the target audience this will open up plenty of options. These messages must be delivered using triggered method where time and date are decided depending on importance and opportunity. Strategic partnerships must be developed with cooperative stores and enterprises and they enable localized targeting. In this field, having a top brand partner can be crucial. Due to the primary local efforts, monitoring of the marketing will also be easier. Sometimes, showing off is not bad, as such firms will need to broadcast their achievements. Source:

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