Social media engagement being an integral part of digital marketing, companies are seeking different ways to ensure it is executed as best as possible. Ten ways have been identified which are sure to do so. First of all the marketers must be aware of the reasons for potential or existing customers to be on social media. In addition, organization must develop a sense of bonhomie with the customer to understand what they do when not engaged with social media. Content must be reasonably funny. Emojis are a good way of inspiring reactions among users. Facebook’s reaction buttons are extremely useful as people can express exactly as they feel about any post. Customers must frequently be prompted to review products or services. From time to time engaging data must be shared with them. New products’ release must be planned in coordination with the social media handles so that followers may be first to know of the same. Token freebies doled out periodically are appreciated by the customer base. Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular and must be used often as a means to connect.


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