Emailing remains a critical component of digital marketing and thus needs to be executed with utmost care. Some steps have been recognized which are sure to lift the email marketing campaign. Marketers need to take care of timing for mailing and its periodicity. Mailing must aim at generating long term relationships with content having similar long term value. The content must be tailored according to customer base. Videos, pictures and graphics must be included in it. The subscriber base must be provided an option to update their email IDs by themselves. Similarly, they must have full freedom to unsubscribe in case needed. The content must be educational rather than outright promotional. Language used must be simple and focus must be on own brand rather than others. The content must be curated in such a fashion using standard template that it can be used for mobile devices as well. The CMS must be well integrated with the email marketing. Frequent analysismust be conducted to gauge effectiveness of campaign. Social media handles must be attached to the mails. Business intelligence can be gauged using online surveys with the subscriber base. Both manual as well as automated emailing must be tried as they give different sets of benefits.


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