Ten very interesting statistics have emerged regarding the field of digital marketing recently. A study conducted by Yahoo concludes that most emotionally engaging moments occur when browsing content using mobile phones. Football fans together are expected to spend nearly two million hours reading about the Champions’ League final. Google has confirmed what we already suspected; the internet throws up over a trillion searches a day. Spending on travel has increased by nearly seven percent. Research by Connexity has shown that majority of visitors who abandon their baskets as a result of high prices tend to come back to same retail outlets once they receive product reassurance. Surprisingly, six- sevenths of Faceboom video users do so without turning on the sound. In related news, marketing budgets are increasingly shifting towards visual rather than traditional content. Three-fifths of British retailers have not devised any plan B based around the outcome of the Brexit vote. A woman laughing hysterically has become viral as the most watched video on YouTube. Two-fifths of all market influencers do not even know about the CAP code. Due to lapses in traditional online security measures, customers are using biometrics instead.


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