Ten types of customers have been identified along with ways of winning them over. The first type is the pioneer. They are early adopters and trend setters. Digital marketing works perfectly with them as they can be posted on latest developments using social media. In order to engage with the next set, the practical purchasers, it is essential to have an online shopping portal that loads quickly and has a user friendly payment gateway. There are social media addicts who need to be constantly engaged with using games and contests on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Then there is the researcher type which analyzes each offering thoroughly and compares before making any purchase decision. Such people must be engages using detailed FAQs, how-to-videos and images must focus on product attributes in detail. For smartphone addicts, it is necessary to have a mobile friendly website. Business analysis conducted by Google has confirmed that more than forty percent of in-store visitors check for information online. There are wish-list-ers who keep making plans but end up delaying and instead prepare bucket lists. Pinterest is where most of these are posted and that is where marketers must nudge them for the final decision to be taken in their favour. There are discerning shoppers who compare thoroughly rivals for each purchase and for such people loyalty schemes work very well. Bargain hunters forever look for good deals and for such offers must be run each time competitors do. The must be promoted on social media and ecommerce sites. Cautious consumers wish to buy but are not sure of the brand’s credibility. Payment security commitments are very much needed to convince them. Finally, there is the online butterfly who keep moving from one platform to another, often forgetting the very purpose of these visits. An optimized SEO can help catch them before they decide to abandon their online baskets.  


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