The Cleveland Clinic has become one of the best visited health care destinations in the city leveraging the art of content marketing. For this, its founder Amanda Toporovich has used several techniques which have been shared. The content to be delivered must be planned before hand. Its strategizing involves a clear cut demarcation on who will run this and whether it needs to be specific or broader in content. Some blog posts do especially well for digital marketing and thus they are rehashed in newer formats with updated information. Experts must be used for specific content; in this case several physicians have contributed towards Cleveland Clinic. Blog or other content needs to be constantly tested on the market. Only then will be established the ideal character count, whether pictures work, what kind of pictures or segmentation of audience. Social media needs to be leveraged for constant engagement with the audience. Periodic reviews need to be held on matters of strategic importance such as quantity of traffic, contributions of individual pieces and standout moments on social media.


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