The rise of social media and online shopping has meant that companies can now engage with customer on a more regular yet slightly transformed manner. It presents great opportunity to conduct digital marketing, but improper use of the medium has its pitfalls. Thus a few methods have been gauged which if followed properly can lead to good results for the company in terms of customer engagement. First of all, in the digital age, customer engagement is not a one-off incident but a series of steps involving building trust through a combination of social media as well as traditional channels. It is no longer restricted to periodic interventions, but can happen at any moment on any device. This entire process is driven by customers. Thus tracking customer conversations provide vital business intelligence. Researchhas proven that nearly three-fourths of Americans are ready to spend more money on firms which provide good customer service. So all customer engagement activities must ultimately be measurable through tangible metrics. This engagement must bring some value to both the marketers and customers.


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