Social media is such an integral part of digital marketing, that it is inducing brands to adapt their strategies accordingly. Surprisingly, returns for corporate promotions on Facebook have actually reduced. This is because while Facebook was started to connect friends, with brands and corporations being added later, the algorithm has also developed in a way that user feedback is given higher ratings than paid promotions. Trendy content is getting greater views on social media due to the constant syndications using smart phones. The content could involve videos, pictures, polls or even posts. When Twitter was initially launched, due to the space constraint, users posted more but with less value but now the trend has reversed to fewer in number, but more qualitative posts. This trend reflects on Twitter as well as newer platforms such as Instagram. Similarly, exchanges between users are also shorter and faster. Reactions to posts or other content has moved away from conventional ones to customized versions such as using Emojis for sad or angry. Click-bait style articles used to dominate social media feeds, but now they are dying as there has been a deliberate crackdown on quite a bit of that. Now meatier content is preferred by users.


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