A study conducted by Data-Xu has provided unique insights on why marketing technologists are now pervasive across all organizations. In fact, three-fourths of top level marketers in the USA have a person dedicated to anchoring marketing technology. Nearly half of US marketers plan to increase investments in customer analytics by 2017. In fact, all marketers polled during this study confirmed that they felt that business analytics will play a major role in the coming years. Top mark-tech apps these days involve social media management, digital advertising or email marketing. Even before finalizing marketing budgets, planners analyze ROI of each marketing channel. Surprisingly, mega platforms such Google or Facebook do not provide holistic business intelligenceacross multiple channels, and thus marketers are forced to rely upon manual methods for the same. More than half the respondents also claimed that they have separate requirements for mark-tech and ad-tech as the two involve similar yet distinct capabilities. However, a similar number feels that these two formats will converge over the next five years.


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