While most organizations these days have a content marketing strategy, there are ways to gauge its success or failure. Some sure signs of failure are also visible. One of them is when the company does not know how to define success in its own terms. No specific business intelligence has been captured to measure its effectiveness. Since content is eventually a way of reaching out to target audience, if follower count does not, increase the strategy can pretty much be labeled as a failure. This is further accentuated if there has neither been an increase in traffic. Google provides detailed business analytics on viewer count and also their average time spent on the web pages. If that is on average less than two minutes, that means majority are just browsing through but not actually gleaning away anything important out of the content. This also impacts engagement levels as clearly less time spent means people aren’t hooked to the content. Company pages or social handles of such company do not have any standout features to make the content viral. Quality content must be chosen rather than going for quantity. Also the company must position itself as unique solution providers. Source:

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