Certain digital marketing trends are dominating the landscape in 2016. First of all wearable technologies such as Fit-Bits and smart watches are increasing in popularity. Such instruments are getting leveraged by marketers to conduct effective mobile marketing. Google in one such player that has jumped in with a concerted app based marketing strategy. The days of mass advertising are getting left behind due to the surge of personalization in marketing content based on individual buyer personas. Marketing is not seen as a onetime investment but where multiple channels contribute to the resonance factor. Thus multiple touch points across the buyer journey are being tracked by marketers. This is also allowing greater integration with the help of sophisticated technologies. For example, previously disparate strategies such as SEO and content marketing are being integrated to give best solutions to clients. Advertising options have improved tremendously. Advertisers now gleam valuablebusiness intelligence using analytics before targeting using personalized content. With Google and other such giants integrating the online space, disparate shopping items are earning more purchase points. Each purchase is leading to other useful purchases or discounts.


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