The successes of Pokémon Go and Amazon Dash clearly point towards the importance of touch points and the need to leverage them for marketing. Their success has also relied on the use of Augmented Reality (AR) which has implanted virtual characters to their actual physical locations, leading to record levels of user engagement. At present touch points can also be categorized in 4 Ps. First of all there is Purpose which defines the reasons to get involved with the touch points. Lego, Tinder and Snapchat are examples of firms which know the purpose for their engagement at critical touch points. Prompts involve the nudge which users receive to swipe, press or click at touch points for some positive result as leveraged by both AR tools as well as Jimmy Choo. Probes are an ideal instrument for digital marketing as they provide detailed information and insights on the product or service. Finally there are Perspectives which provide some tags to associate a product with something else along the buyer journey. These may be visual or simply informational. Chatbots may someday provide the holistic solution across these four Ps.


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