An innovative method that can be applied to improve sales is called digital exhaust. This is the kind of data generated from routine tasks of sales personnel with their customers. Three tools have emerged which can leverage digital exhaust to provide the best of sales solutions. The first of these is called Volo-Metrix which usesbusiness analytics to study organization calendar and email metadata to provide information on how employees spent time at the work place. It integrates data based modern practices with traditional ones such as sales force surveys or interviews. Then there is Citrix’s Go-To-Meeting which does similar analysis but uses voice recognition technology as main aid. It also matches the voice with text messages to study against mismatch between the spoken commitments and those made on paper. Lattice Engines engages in predictive analytics. It scans job posting trends, credit ratings, social media traffic and compliance activities to decide on which kind of firms are doing best business. 


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