One of the reasons certain organizations have risen to the top of the pyramid in their respective industries is people and talent management. Somehow top firms manage to attract the best of the lot. We are presently going through what can be considered the ‘golden age’ of recruiting. This has been led by multiple forces driven by people, market and technology. The amount of information available today due to our online engagements is massive and this gives organizations a goldmine of data to dig before recruiting. Also due to the number of freelancers working across industries, the requirements are such that certain specialists need to be sourced at a particular time frame at a particular place. Millennials who are among the largest segment of those recruited happen to be extremely choosy over their jobs. Management consulting giant McKinsey predicts that business worth 2.7 trillion US $ can be concluded with better recruitment. Thus companies are tracking aspirants at various stages of their recruitment journey. This spans from awareness to consideration to preference and finally apply or hire phase. Engaged alumni are quite often the ideal speakers for the organization being a model workplace.

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