A number of large organizations including Fortune 500 ones have made news lately due to their decisions to scrap annual employee performance reviews. While some organizations have executed this change properly, many others have simply done an eyewash resulting in increased angst rather than decreased. As per a leadingbusiness consulting think-tank, a common error is that forms and systems have been eliminated entirely. Performance ranking has been removed, yet has not been adequately replaced. Finally some firms simply lack the internal motivation and require stringent reviews. Juniper is one prominent example of a firm that is executed elimination of performance reviews the right way. They have driven business innovation within the existing company culture. The performance management is now part of a more holistic approach and driven towards the final purpose. Juniper has implemented a ‘Conversation Day’, which encourages employees to speak out and this has proved tremendously effective. Juniper has devised a rating considered J Player against which all employees are judged and given percentage points. Finally employees are encouraged to collaborate and contribute simultaneously on individual basis. 

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