A study was conducted to identify the segments of the workforce usually least engaged or committed. The understanding prior to the evaluation of results was that unhappy employees would typically be poor performers, possessing low skill sets, new recruits or inadequately educated. However, the results proved otherwise. In fact, the common string attaching all unhappy employees tended to be that they were in the middle of everything. They were middle managers with around five to ten years of experience. They feel they lack any unique appeal for the organization. They view the organization as ineffective and inefficient. In addition, they feel they are overworked, under-valued and their issues aren’t addressed on time. Unhappy middle managers do not see much scope for promotions and feel that their work lacks purpose. And then they also get bogged down by poor leadership. This is where management training programmes are needed to be effective. Employees must be accorded the opportunity to undergo complete 360 degree reform. Un-inspirational leaders must always be moved on. 

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