The IT industry is unique and some predictions have been made for 2016 relating to the industry’s workplace. Talent management will take precedence over all other aspects this year as industry leaders battle it out to capture the best brains. This focus on talent will also lead to several benefits added to the package and this will convert into competitive advantage for respective organizations. Corporate training programmes will now involve components on employees’ wellness. Sustainability will also be added as a recruitment tool. Workers’ rights have often been disregarded by employers but this is set to change with strict regulations that need to be complied with as per directions from present government. Certain Greenfield technologies will no longer be considered under that category thus leading to increased regulations in mobile and scheduling systems. Overall though, investments in mobile based technologies are set to expand further. Organizations are entering that stage where it is time to groom the next generation of leaders. The freelance economy will rise further as younger employees will seek increased flexibility. The traditional office space will thus be reconfigured to suit modern trends and requirements.

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