Management consulting publication Forbes has documented seven executives’ opinions on best sources to hire technology personnel. Matthew Kolb of firmly believes in division of labour which is why he feels that a professional recruiter cannot be replaced in what he / she does best. The old boy network needs to be tapped to get the best of personnel from within the industry, feels Thomas Griffin on Optin-Monster. Lisbi Abraham from Andela feels that while technology has eliminated many traditional sources, yet new methods are not searching untapped markets, simply rehashing old formats. With manpower stagnating in many developed countries, talent recruitment efforts must now be directed overseas where large pool still exists untapped. Pete Kistler from has an unconventional take on this as he feels that existing app developers must be enticed to part with their independence and join the company. As per Ashley Saddul of, social media tool LinkedIn’s importance is ever growing in the field of recruitment. Networked Insights’ Bradley Burke feels that one must not restrict recruitment towards these tools mentioned alone, but in fact these days it can happen literally anywhere.


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