A study conducted by the Forbes group has identified ten steps that must be taken up in order to excel at talent recruitment. First of all bureaucratic work policies must be gotten rid off as they negatively impact innovation at workplace. Unless regulatory or safety compliances are challenged, step by step processes must be replaced by greater fluidity. Compensation matters and thus organization which plan to succeed in the long run must pay at least industry average or more. Corporate training of management must aim towards instilling in them a management style that focuses on trust and not fear. The work place environment must be relatively relaxed and fun with less focus on arrival and departure timings but more on actual productivity. Open communication must be encouraged at all levels. A strong work culture must be developed at the organization so that employees themselves become advocates for fresh recruitments. This strong work culture must be emphasized on at all times. Less reliance must be made on recruitment software and more on the human touch. Interviews must be more of interactions and less formal so that the candidate can speak freely.


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