Certain traits enable a select list of people to have the ability to attract the best of talent. Alice Waters, chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California is one of them. Several top chefs have such as Judy Rodgers, Joyce Goldstein and Jeremiah Tower have worked under her and gone on to win laurels in their field. She is extremely good at the art of talent management. But in this respect she is not alone as in several other industries some such unique names exist. Some examples of that are Ralph Lauren in fashion, Gene Roberts in media, Julian Robertson in finance, Larry Elison in technology and Bill Walsh in professional football. First of all they select the right candidates but ensure that once selected, they do slog. Such super-bosses also possess good networking skills and this rubs off on these new recruits. Once a reputation establishes, recruitment becomes easier to the extent that existing employees end up being job advocates for the company.


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