The word corporate strategy has long been identified as a slow, lumbering process. It has been associated with bureaucracy and thus there is a genuine need to speed up the process. For that as a first step it is the need of the times to reduce the business analysis. Due to the enormous chunks of data now available, there is a tendency for organizations to pore over and analyze too much rather than getting on with the work. In similar fashion, organizations conduct way too many meetings, many of which do not yield the desired results. Thus meetings need to focus on actual things, end on time and not linger on. Perfection at work may not be achieved soon enough. Till then focus has to be on progress at work. Teams may be better suited to finalizing business deals, but for aspects requiring creativity such as designing of a marketing campaign, it is pertinent to tap individual talent. Thus the management must know when to turn to teams, and when to maverick individuals. A culture of rewarding good implementation of such must be implemented so that all gear up towards more efficient a strategy process.


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