Six companies have been identified that use unconventional means but are successful sellers. These companies are ones to watch out for as soon they will do much better business than presently. The first of these is Memphis Meats. Their process has solved the humongous problem of the terrible energy input to protein ratio that beef production requires through a method food is created off the animal. Then there is Local Motors that uses modern day clean technologyto reinvigorate vehicles from the 1950s and 1960s.Recentlyitcustomized a 1954 model Corvette. Modumetal develops metal uses electricity and not heat. It has started the disrupting the traditional metal production systems, unchanged over millennia in principle. Business research anchored by the Economist claims that per unit a rhinoceros horn is more financially valuable than are diamonds, gold or cocaine. This trade being illegal though, stepped in Pembient creating synthetic rhino horns and selling for massive profits. This list is completed by Sensoria which creates business analytics out of massive data collated from the human body which uses wearable technologies. It is an app that tracks heart beat data, foot landing, running speed and other fitness metrics.


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