Airbnb has long positioned itself as a low impact business which leverages already existing infrastructure. It has never wanted its brand to be clubbed with conventional tourism, yet increasingly people are viewing Airbnb as just another player in the travel and tourism industry. In Paris for example, Airbnb listings have gone up three times in only two years. The city centre of Paris is increasingly resembling several other tourist sites across the world- bereft of locals with only tourist population. Venice is one city that has apparently suffered the most with locals departing in greater numbers. There have been similar repercussions in places as diverse as Lisbon, Reykjavik and San Francisco. In Lisbon for example,business research shows that it is less than a third of hosts who account for two-thirds of the Airbnb rooms, implying they have commercially rented out their property and not simply making use of vacant space as advertised by the company.


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