A representative from Aon which is a management consulting firm specializing in HR, says that employees must be treated by companies the way they handle their customers. Talent management becomes a particularly skillful task to deal with during mergers and acquisitions. Employees go through several dilemmas such as reporting channels, job security, growth prospects or work profile. Companies need to clarify these points with utmost transparency. Resource allocation is another challenge. However, dispelling the myths surrounding automation, the managing partner of Aon clarified that it will not result in people losing their jobs, but instead there is bound to be realignment. There will be fresh assessment on skill sets which need to be fitted according to altering realities. E-commerce firms have in particular struggled with their staffing as many were funded generously but could not handle the amount resulting in people not being taken care of. Across organizations, top employees are now being treated as capital assets and they are being shifted from core functional areas to high growth sectors.

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