Talent management experts have identified some ideas which if followed can elevate existing top professionals further ahead at their work. The first such idea is trend spotting as applied by Unilever where top managers from across the globe are assigned the duty of identifying some business trends that will be crucial for the company to address in fifteen years’ time. This also enables the company to stay ahead of the curve in terms of globalbusiness intelligence capture. Similarly, sometimes these top managers are gathered together at one place and given the challenge of devising turnaround team. Soemthing will need to be revolutionized for the good during this process. To gain practical exposure, employees are sent for consumer deep dive where they actually spend substantial amount of time with their customer base. Some companies have even actively encouraged their top talent to step out and start up their own firms as this allows them to test new ground. Top talent must also possess the ability to negotiate and thus these people are often thrust into positions where they need to deal with government officials. Organizations have even established innovation hack rounds where professionals are stacked in places and exposed to pressure cooker like conditions with the sole aim to develop some ideas.


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